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by November 14, 2021

Visit.School is free for any teacher from India for teaching to a group 50 students or less. That means, up to 50 students may visit your school and learn from you. You can charge them too. But we will not charge you anything for those students.

Select a suitable name here. You can either use your own name OR you can choose a "school" name, if you have a group of teachers teaching the same set of students. So if your name is Ajit Burman, you could choose the school name as ajitburman -- in which case your particular school would be at

Think of your school name as something you can proudly show on your visiting card -- easy to remember. Easy to pronounce. Something that promotes your brand!

Just make sure that you do NOT select something similar to an existing school name. It may get banned in case an existing school legally claims that name.  The phone number is mandatory; and you would need an additional step to confirm that phone number. We will explain that last and final step in our email to you.

Apply fast, so that you can get the name of your choice!

Your privacy is important to us: We never share your data with anyone!